I like to explore thoughts and ideas. My interests include people, nature, and cultures. I love books, cats, being silly, and the 70’s/80’s easy listening music that my parents made me listen to which, though I hated it when I was a child, has its claws in me now. I have a hard time understanding American culture and my place in it, forcing me to question my sanity most days. I’ve been accused of having large teeth (my apologies) and told that I’m an excellent dancer (my signature move is marching in place while waving my arms around like tree branches), though I’ve a feeling that person was lying. At one time my biggest ambition was to perform a duet with Michael Jackson. My dislikes include feet, the word “analgesic” and cockroaches. I’m not a fan of Brussels sprouts, either. The overuse of commas is a problem I’m working on in my writing, but I don’t know if I can give them up, because you see, I love pauses, especially when reading aloud (something everyone should do more often).

Thanks for taking the time to read my jumble of a blog. These are my stories and thoughts on display for your entertainment/horror. Enjoy…or not.

Sarah Q.


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