A Letter to Paper

dear copy paper
your sharp edge, I dread
slicing my skin open
your surface, now red

hiding the blood
is rather tricky
white out won’t cover
the blood is too sticky

using a sharpie
is the only solution
the black marker covers
the bloody pollution

though it’s not
proper for me to present
ink blotted papers
to my high-end client

there isn’t time to re-do them
i’m sorry to say
we must move forward
and sign them today

this very instant
let’s sign them right now
they’ve got their pens ready
I can’t stop saying, “ow!”

you’ve had your fun
and i’ve a promise for you
if you hurt me again
i’ll rip you in two

so, dear copy paper
for the future I plead
please stop cutting my fingers…
and making me bleed