A post about lack of confidence that somehow ended with Pop Rocks

So, I’ve been following along with the Zero to Hero assignments, but am facing difficulties…again. I keep telling myself to grow a backbone, but it’s not helping. Perhaps it’s my sense of privacy or shining lack of self-confidence that prohibits me from following through with yesterday (comment on 3 blogs) and today’s (write a post about one of your comments)assignments, but I can’t seem to find comfortable space where it’s okay for me to leave posts on other blogs…yet. I did try to leave a post, I promise! I’m not sure if it worked or not (my work computer was acting up while I attempted to eat lunch and respond to blogs at the same time, which may have resulted in me leaving several responses to one poor soul’s post…oh the horror!) and my hands were all sweaty the whole time I was typing. This necessitated the use of a paper towel and then several hand washings in the lunch room, just to calm myself down. Oh nerves, GO AWAY!

At any rate, I did enjoy a piece regarding confidence in blogging (which I’m attempting to absorb by the truck load) and another where advice was given on how to keep writing despite feeling like an idiot (damn good advice). Had I responded to those posts, it would have gone something like this:


Thank you for writing about finding confidence in blogging despite feeling like an idiot (like me). I suffer from the same issue (duh). I hope you will continue writing, because I need to read your blog in order to keep going with my own blog.

Thank you, so much!

Perhaps that sounded desperate. I wasn’t trying to sound needy, though my neediness comes from an honest place. Maybe if all of us (who need a motivating push) banded together, we could beat this lack of confidence – once and for all (insert inspirational music here)!

My desperate attempt in finding blogs to respond to led me to some really great writing. I am thrilled that I started a blog just for the reading privilege here on WordPress. I loved discovering posts about Robin Hobb, Twilight, and Pop Rocks…the latter which inspired me to write a poem:

An Ode to Pop Rocks

Oh, Pop Rocks
Pop, pop, pop

Sizzle on my tongue
Snap against my teeth

Bubble and fuzz, bubble and fuzz, bubble and fuzz
Crunch, crunch, crunch

Oh, Pop Rocks
Pop, pop, pop

Echo in my ears
Rattle in my brain

Crackle and simmer, crackle and simmer, crackle and simmer
Chomp, chomp, chomp

Slither down deep, into my belly
Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing…

Yeah, this is where I should probably end today’s post. Enough nonsense for one evening.

Happy Trails, to all.