Ramblings from Crazy


Not sleeping has its downfalls – exhaustion, grumpiness, and a wiggly feeling carried around in my stomach all day, but it also has some good points – more time to read and ponder the mysteries of the universe, more time to analyze strange dreams, and more time for silly photos with my snuggle pup, Ipo Dog (see above).

I had a horrific nightmare last night about being buried alive…well, my mind was alive but my body was frozen in a corpse-like position…from all outside appearances it would seem like death was an accurate analysis. Trapped in a coffin with no chance of escape, my nightmare then dissipated to one of floating far away from the earth, deep into outer space. I drifted past the moon and Jupiter (skipping by Mars for some reason)…no one around to hear my screams (in fact, no sound came out of my open mouth) or offer assistance. I was wearing a nice nightgown, however, made of old-fashioned lace and ruffles, which was quite lovely.

Upon waking, my first thought was, “My God, what was I reading before I fell asleep?” So, I sat in bed for several moments, thinking back to hours earlier…and came up with nothing. I didn’t read anything prior to falling asleep. How sad.

After scrutinizing my nightmare thoroughly (with help from my sweet Ipo Dog) I’ve come to the conclusion that my brain needs a vacation. Hey, at least I’ve spun that wacky nightmare into something useful; my blog entry for today’s Zero to Hero challenge (inserting media of some sort). Take that, you crazy brained, weirdo nightmare! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Here’s to, hopefully, a night of better sleep!